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DensiEye 100

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For extremely fast densitometric readings with an advanced user interface, the DensiEye is the ideal choice for the pressroom using process color printing.

Fast, Automated, Affordable Pressroom Densitometer

The DensiEye 100 is very easy to use, making it perfectly suited to anyone with only a basic knowledge of print quality control. Users have direct visual access to the most commonly used functions and density readings without even pressing a key. The clear Pass/Fail Indicator (PFI) provides quick results and lets users move on to the next measurement without even needing to look at the display unless the PFI alarm flashes.

DensiEye 100 is equipped with LED technology for low power consumption and is capable of up to 500,000 measurements per battery set (DensiEye uses standard AA batteries). This means less maintenance and fewer battery replacements. DensiEye 100 can easily communicate with any PC through the USB port.


  •  Fast, easy density measurements with a short learning curve, suitable for use by both skilled and unskilled pressroom workers.
  •  Enables a wide range of measurement functions, including differences for density and gray balance and automatic recognition of color, patch type and paper white base.
  •  Pass/Fail indicator for ease of use.
  •  Measurement aperture of 1.6 or 3 mm.
  •  Fast measurement time and excellent inter-instrument agreement.

DensiEye 100 can easily be upgraded to a fully-featured DensiEye 700 to include all the necessary functions for highly detailed measurements. An optional smaller aperture (which can include a polarization filter) is also available for measuring small strips as required in magazine and newspaper printing environments.

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Short Term Repeatability - Density
0,00 D – 2,50 D: ± 0,01 D or ± 1% max.
2,50 D – 3,00 D: ± 0,03 D or ± 3% max.
Measurement Geometry 45°/0°
Inter-Instrument Agreement ± 0,02 D or ± 2%
Light Source 3 LED (RGB)
Linearity ± 0,01 D or ± 1%
Measurement Conditions M0 or M3
Measurement Time 0.5 sec
Aperture 1.6 mm or 3 mm
Humidity 20% to 80% non condensing 
Operating Temperature Range
10°C to 40°C
50°F to 104°F
Storage Temperature Range
'-20°C to 70°C
- 4°F to 158°F
Dimensions (length, width, height)
17.5 cm x 7.5 cm x 5.0 cm
7" x 3" x 2"
400 g
0.88 lbs.
Communication Interface USB
Instrument Display 160 x 80 Pixels, 4 gray scales
Languages Supported Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish
Battery 2 Alkaline 1.5V size AA
Battery Life 500’000
Warm Up Time None
Density Range 0.0 D – 3.0 D
Density Standards Status E or T 
Industry Standards  ISO 5-3
Pass / Fail Yes 
Warranty 1 year
What's Included? calibration card, USB cable, quick start guide, device certificate, CD with operating instructions and software, device case

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Measurement Geometry 45°/0°
Inter-Instrument Agreement ± 0,02 D or ± 2%
Light Source 3 LED (RGB)
Measurement Conditions M0 or M3
Measurement Time 0.5 sec
Spectral Analyzer
Spectral Interval
Spectral Range

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