Model #: ci61+rtl


The X-Rite Ci61 handheld sphere spectrophotometer offers the ultimate in versatility for busy retail paint operations and is also ideal for paint matching on the job site.

Color measurement when and where you need it

Contractors and paint retailers know that time is money, and the X-Rite Ci61 handheld spectrophotometer is the perfect tool to reduce time spent on the worksite or at the customer counter. It delivers fast, accurate color matches for walls, carpeting, paint chips and inspirational items. Rugged and portable, the Ci61 is meant for precise color measurement on the go – whether it's across town or across the store.

Store associates can use the Ci61 to give customers a superior shopping experience with fast and accurate color matches on even the most challenging items. Contractors, property managers, and interior designers can use this versatile handheld, battery-powered instrument to obtain precise color data on-site from virtually any surface, everything from delicate vases to drywall chips. They then can bring the data to paint shops for custom-mixed paints and coatings, confident that the matches will be spot-on for the end user. 


  • The Ci61 has a rugged design that is comfortable to hold.
  • This portable instrument is powered by long-lasting standard Li-ion batteries but also has a 110-volt power supply for stationary applications. An optional external dual-bay battery charger and spare batteries are available.
  • Delivers correlated 60⁰ gloss value for sheen identification and paint matching recommendations.
  • Seamless connections via USB with included cable, and capability for Bluetooth connectivity in supported geographies.
  • Compatible with ColorDesigner PLUS software for fast, easy paint formulation as well as storage and retrieval of paint recipes for ease of re-use.
The X-Rite Ci61 handheld sphere spectrophotometer includes a calibration tile and standards for instrument tune-ups for optimum uptime. An optional green calibration tile is available.


Short Term Repeatability - White .10 ΔE*ab on white ceramic
Measurement Geometry 0.30 ΔE*ab avg.
Illumination Spot Size 14mm
Lamp Life Approx. 500,000 measurements 
Light Source Gas-filled tungsten lamp
Measurement Cycle Time ≈ 2 seconds
Measurement Spot 8mm
Measurement Time ≈ 2 seconds
Photometric Range 0 to 200%
Photometric Resolution 0.01%
Spectral Analyzer Blue-enhanced silicon photodiodes
Spectral Interval 10nm
Spectral Range 400nm-700nm
Spectral Reporting 10nm
Reflectance Aperture(s) 1
Humidity 5% to 85%, non-condensing
Operating Temperature Range 50° to 104°F (10° to 40°C)
Storage Temperature Range '-4° to 122°F (-20° to 50°C)
Dimensions (length, width, height) 21.3 cm 9.1 cm 10.9 cm
Weight 1.06 kg
Package Dimensions (length, width, height)  51cm, 20cm, 41cm
Shipped Weight 7kg
Communication Interface USB 2.0
Instrument Display Backlit Color Graphic LCD
Languages Supported English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Korean, and Japanese
Software Development Kit XDS4
Battery Li-ion
Battery Life
1000 measurements 
@ 10 sec intervals
100-240VAC 50/60Hz, 
12VDC @ 2.5A
Calibration White and Zero
Pass / Fail Yes
Sample Preview Targeting window
Transform Support Embedded
What's Included? Instrument with white calibration standard, black trap, manual(CD), AC adapter, carry case

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