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What makes the X-Rite eXact so popular?

Posted August 24, 2015 by Scott Harig

The X-Rite eXactTM is a portable spectrophotometer designed for pressroom use. Two big reasons for its success are it’s cordless operation and innovative color touch screen, which it make it very easy for printers and packaging converters to understand, control, manage, and communicate color from anywhere on the pressroom floor.

X-Rite eXact

Today we’ll take a look at the top five features that make the eXact an invaluable tool for offset litho, flexo, and digital printers.

  1. Wireless operation, plus untethered calibration, specification, and data capture, allows operators to use the eXact anywhere on the floor. Since storage is on the device, job presets and color libraries can be accessed quickly.
  1. The eXact’s color touchscreen interface is very easy to use. It can even be customized for multiple users so operators have fast access to features they use the most… resulting in increased productivity and fewer mistakes.
  1. The BestMatch feature can integrate multiple Pantone libraries and custom colors so operators have an easy way to measure ink throughout the press run. A single click shows density information, and it even makes ink adjustment recommendations.
  1. The eXact’s pass/fail reporting supports all leading print industry standards including ISO, Japan Color, G7 and PSO, so operators can efficiently monitor color processes.
  1. X-Rite eXact is the only device on the market that measures for optical brighteners for both inks and substrates. It also fully supports all ISO Measure standards (a.k.a. “M” standards) with one platform, measuring M1, through the entire visible spectrum AND M0, M2 and M3 with a single pass.

eXact configurations

X-Rite eXact configurations; X-Rite eXact; eXact use

The X-Rite eXact Densitometer is ideal for CMYK operations that want a set of traditional tools and the option to add more features as their requirements change.

The X-Rite eXact Standard ensures accurate printing of both CMYK and spot colors, plus leverages industry standards for process control.

The X-Rite eXact Advanced is used in ink labs, quality control labs and by manufacturing partners who want to achieve the highest quality with the broadest toolset.

The eXact Scan Option makes measurement even faster; offset litho, flexo, and digital printers can scan a variety of strips, from 5 cm/2 inch to 35.5 cm/14 inch in length. With its scanning slide, eXact can measure patches that are embedded in media without the need for a clear spot before or after the bar, saving space on the press sheet. The single axle on the Scan chassis ensures that the instrument moves in a straight line.

Completely customizable

We know every pressroom workflow is different. The X-Rite eXact is extremely flexible and designed to meet your standards and tolerances and fit seamlessly into your workflow. Plus, when combined with ColorCert: X-Rite Edition, InkFormulation, and PantoneLIVE™, you can validate and manage a specified color across a variety of printing technologies and substrates. ColorCert solutions provide real-time reporting at the individual job level or aggregated into a dashboard across multiple jobs, printing presses or sites.

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