Model #: ma98


For Special Effect Paints

The X-Rite MA98 is a best-in-class multi-angle spectrophotometer. With 11 angles and 2 illumination sources, our product is ideal for use when a product incorporates several special paint effects.



  • Driver for MA94 MA96 MA98 v2.2.1 Download


  • MA98 Firmware Loader v1.3.2153 Download
  • MA98 Firmware Loader v1.3.2147 Download

User Guides and Manuals

User Guides


Short Term Repeatability - White ► 0.03 avg. ∆E* white ceramic
Measurement Geometry 10 angles of measurement and 2 illumination angles
Inter-Instrument Agreement  0.18 ∆E* avg. on BCRA
Illumination Spot Size Approx. 12mm (.5 inch)
Lamp Life 750,000 measurements
Light Source 15° and 45° tungsten halogen 
Measurement Cycle Time 2 sec
Measurement Spot Approx. 12mm (.5 inch)
Measurement Time Approx. 2 seconds
Photometric Range n/a
Spectral Interval 10 nm
Spectral Range 400-700 nm
Color Differences L*a*b*, L*C*h°, ΔE*; ΔECMC; ΔE DIN6175, ΔE2000
Illuminants A, C, D50, D65, F2, F7, F11 & F1
Observers 10
Humidity 85% Relative Humidity max (non-condensing)
Operating Temperature Range 50F to 104F (10C to 40C)
Storage Temperature Range -4F to 122F (-20C to 50C)
Dimensions (length, width, height) 3.4 x 4.5x 10.6 inches (8,7cm x 11,4cm x 26,9cm)
Weight 2.5 lbs 1.13 kgs
Communication Interface USB 2.0 Bluetooth wireless (in compliant countries only)
Battery Lithium ion
Voltage 7.4vDC @ 2400mAh
Industry Standards ASTM D 2244, E 308, E 1164, E 2194; DIN 5033, 6174, 6175-2; ISO 7724; SAE J1545.
Calibration white/black calibration
Warranty 1 year

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