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Model #: vs410

VeriColor Spectro

Ensure accurate color and fast change-overs with the affordable VeriColor Spectro, a compact, durable inline spectrophotometer ideal for harsh industrial manufacturing applications.

Do you change production color frequently and/or face challenges with ensuring fast change-over times and minimal waste of expensive materials? By implementing the X-Rite VeriColor inline spectrophotometer, you can quickly and accurately determine colorant requirements, seamlessly communicating among formulation, production and quality control systems.

Accurate and affordable, the VeriColor Spectro is compact and durable, ideal for harsh industrial manufacturing applications. No special lighting or shrouding is required with this all-inclusive solution, which excludes ambient light. You will improve quality control and reduce operating expense with this cost-efficient, in-line non-contact color measurement solution that provides absolute spectral and colorimetric data for process control. It is easy to set up and manage and enables color control in real time to contain and eliminate color problems without disrupting production.


  • NEMA-4 IP67 rated, the VeriColor Spectro delivers lab-grade performance in a robust, industrially hardened design.
  • Its patented technology allows accurate in-line capture of color data in the presence of depth variation and dramatic changes in ambient light.
  • Operators can detect, analyze and contain color problems, making corrections without stopping production.
  • This true 31-band spectrophotometer provides absolute color data across the visible spectrum at 10 nm intervals for the ultimate in accuracy and control.

The VeriColor Spectro offers inline non-contact measurement at an affordable price. It features a high degree of inter-instrument repeatability and color accuracy and is ideal for use in a wide variety of applications and industries. It guarantees faster production time by improving color control, and reducing waste of expensive raw materials and dyes.


Measurement Geometry 30°/0°
Measurement Time 1s
Measurement Spot 25.4mm (1 inch)
Measurement Working Distance 4"
Short Term Repeatability - White 0.05 dEab
Spectral Interval 400-700nm
Spectral Range 10nm

Case Studies

Magna Donnelly Case Study

As the world's leading producer of automotive mirrors, Magna Donnelly understands the importance of delivering the highest quality and value to major automakers worldwide.


"We have been investigating color verification systems for over five years, and nothing was as accurate as the VeriColor system. We immediately installed VeriColorTM systems to additional lines. Our operators love it. For them it means no false downtime and higher quality output." - Steve Gidaro, Equipment Engineer

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