Model #: ERX145


The ERX145 is a non-contact inline spectrophotometer with a 30mm measurement. The ERX145 is ideal for measuring large surfaces such as those produced in the coil coating industry.

ERX145 - Color Accuracy in Variable Coil Coating Environments

The ERX145 System eliminates costly production line color errors, especially in coil coating environments with frequent color changes. This automated in-line quality control system provides non-contact measurement and continuous reporting, with a 45°/0° standardized measurement geometry. Easy to operate, the system works on virtually any material and in the harshest production environments to offer comparisons to specific standards or absolute measurements.

The ERX145 measures a full range of materials, including textured, finely patterned, gloss and for products such as vinyl, textiles, food pigments, films, glass, and powders. It allows operators to monitor and correct color performance in-line without the need for sample taking and laboratory measurements.


  • Enables Inline color measurement and evaluation of color deviation for complete coverage of product run without stopping production.
  • Measures within a range of up to five feet without significant variation from system to sample for non-contact, non-destructive measurement and the utmost in configuration flexibility.
  • Operates safely in dusty environments and in operations that require explosion-proof protection.
  • For the ultimate in ease of use and to ensure fast response times, visual graphics and acoustic alerts indicate when color tolerance is exceeded.
  • Objective evaluation according to accepted international standards ensures integrity of in-line measurement programs.

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Inline Color Measurement in the Coil Coating Line

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