Model #: tac-tac


The TAC7 scanner captures and stores color, texture, gloss and other surface appearance characteristics of physical material samples.

Capture Materials with Unmatched Realism

Measuring a material’s appearance characteristics is critical to improving quality and accelerating time to market. By accurately measuring  the appearance characteristics of physical samples, the TAC7 Scanner produces highly accurate digital material files that can easily be communicated and shared across the design to production workflow


  • Capture the exact physical appearance properties such as color, texture, gloss, translucency and transparency in a digital format that makes it easy to experience unmatched realism in the virtual world
  • Simplify the maintenance and upkeep of samples by utilizing digital material libraries
  • Eliminate ambiguities with precise accuracy to improve product quality and communication with stakeholders to reduce design approval cycles and accelerate time to market 
  • Reduce the amount of time spent manually adjusting and correcting scanned materials 
  • Experience more accurate renderings and improved product quality 
  • Visualize designs with unmatched accuracy, consistency and realism
The TAC Ecosystem, with the TAC7 Scanner at its core, enables designers to capture reality in a physically precise way. From special effects pigments to synthetic fabrics, it is now possible to capture and communicate physical appearance properties, such as color, gloss, and texture, digitally to experience unmatched realism in 3D designs.

Total Appearance Capture Ecosystem

Total Appearance Capture Ecosystem

The TAC™ Ecosystem is an award-winning appearance solution that enables an unmatched level of realism and efficiency in digital material capture and 3D design. Accurately and consistently share material appearance information across every step of the product development process to reduce design approval cycles and accelerate time to market.

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Want to improve the consistency of your material renderings?

Integrate the PANTORA Material Hub into your design visualization workflow to create, manage, share, and edit a centralized library of digital materials.


Measurement Geometry

4 monocromatic cameras at 0º, 22.5 º, 45º and 67.5º
illumination with 20+ white LEDs
3 spectral filter wheels and a motorized Linear Light Scanner

Inter-Instrument Agreement

Not published

Illumination Colors

Not published

Illumination Spot Size 130 mm
Image Contact During Measurements


Lamp Life

10.000 hrs

Light Level Adjustment


Light Level Sensor


Light Source



Not published

Measurement Spot

130 mm

Measurement Time

15 to 60 min

Media Thickness

210 mm x 297 mm (flat surfaces),
5.45 kg max.

Patch Size

130 mm


Operating Humidity: 20% to 80% relative, non-condensing
Storage Humidity: 5% to 90% relative, non-condensing

Operating Temperature Range

10º C to 40º C / 50º F to 111º F

Storage Temperature Range

-20º C to 55º C / -4º F to 131º F


Steel, PUR

Minimum Order Quantity


Unit Color



126 kg / 278 lb

Package Dimensions (length, width, height)

112 cm x 112 cm x 180 cm / 44 in x 44 in x 71 in

Shipped Weight

270 kg / 595 lb

3rd Party Software Supported


Communication Interface


Configuration Options

Backlight option for Alphamaps (end of 2016)

Experience Level


Import/Export Format


Instrument Display


Languages Supported


Software Development Kit


Status Panel





100-240 VAC/50-60 Hz


250 W


Radiometric calibration (user)
Geometric calibration (service)

Measurement Background


Mobile Device Compatibility


Optical Brigtener Compensation (OBC)


NetProfiler Support


PantoneLIVE Support


Sample Preview



12 month, sold with maintenance contract

What's Included?

TAC7 Scanner, calibration targets, cassette, power and ethernet cords



Apple iOS





Windows 7 64 bit or
Windows 10 64 bit

Available Disk Space

Min. 1 TB free space


Min. 1 Gigabit Ethernet adapter
(recommended: 2 adapters, one dedicated for TAC7 communication)

Display Resolution

1080p or higher

Internet Connection

Not required


Min. 16 GB

Number of Displays Supported per Workstation


Optical Drive

Internet or usb dongle


Intel Xeon or Core i7 recommended (AMD CPUs not tested by X-Rite)
min. 8 virtual cores (for example 4 physical and 2x hyperthreading)
min.10,000 CPU Marks recommended


User must have Administrator rights to install and uninstall the application

Video Card

NVIDIA Quadro or GeForce (AMD GPUs not tested by X-Rite)
min. 2 GB RAM, min. 5,000 G3D Marks recommended

Compatible Android Devices


Compatible iOS Devices


Data Format AxF

Featured Support

Software: See All Support

Featured Training

Online Training / eLearning: See All Training


"To turn the vision of a fully automated Car-Configurator process into reality, TAC is essential. X Rite's solution enables us to reach true-to-life quality images to replicate highlights in a car's paint job." - Dr. Markus Denny, Head of Digital Image Factory

"At the core of our material process is a flexible solution for easily creating, processing and providing virtual materials easily in a multitude of different systems with the ultimate level of realistic depiction. Solutions from our partner X-Rite help us to accomplish this task." - Jan Pflüger, Digital Retail / After Sales IT Solutions

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PANTORA™ Material Hub

PANTORA, a desktop application, is the controlling hub of the TAC ecosystem. It allows users to store, manage, view and edit digitally captured materials and to exchange these materials, via a vendor neutral Appearance Exchange (AxF) file format.

Appearance Exchange Format (AxF™)

AxF is a vendor-neutral file format that digitally stores and shares a material’s appearance properties across PLM, CAD and rendering applications.

TAC Services

Let X-Rite experts handle the physical material scanning for you. Transform your samples into highly accurate digital material data files for use in 3D rendering applications.

News and Events



X-Rite Pantone is excited to exhibit at SIGGRAPH 2018, the world’s largest, most influential annual event in computer graphics and interactive techniques. Come visit us at booth #401 for a live demo of our Total Appearance Capture (TAC) Ecosystem and hear Nicholas Bazarian talk about color schemes and design for digital media on August 12th .

Munich Fabric Start

X-Rite Pantone is excited to exhibit at Munich Fabric Start, where we will present as part of a joint end-to-end innovative product development and design process solution. Come visit us at the KeyHouse hall #5 booth #16 for a live demo of our Total Appearance Capture (TAC) Ecosystem and see how it can transform your designs!

Footwear Sourcing Innovation Summit in NY

The Footwear Sourcing Innovation Summit is a one-day conference by FDRA, focused 100% on footwear, exploring global footwear sourcing, supply chain and factory compliance issues and trends. Come listen to X-Rite’s Dr. Marc Ellens talk about the Total Appearance Capture Ecosystem.

Footwear Materials & Innovation Summit

The Footwear Materials & Innovation Summit is a 2 days conference held by FDRA in North Carolina's College of Textiles. The Summit will focus on current and emerging materials and material developments at an in-depth technical level, and will be designed for material, product development and sourcing teams looking to learn about new materials and upgraded design process. Come listen to X-Rite’s Dr. Marc Ellens talk about the Total Appearance Capture Ecosystem in a joint panel about material innovation.

PI Apparel New York 2018

PI Apparel NY 2018 is the most innovative gathering for the fashion, apparel and footwear industry, bringing advanced technologies in the heart of the world’s fashion capital. Come visit X-Rite booth to see a live demo of the Total Appearance Capture Ecosystem.

PI Apparel Milan 2018

PI Apparel Milan 2018 is the most innovative gathering for the fashion, apparel and footwear industry, bringing advanced technologies to fashionable Milan. Come visit X-Rite booth to see a live demo of the Total Appearance Capture Ecosystem

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