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Caring for your Spectrophotometer

Posted May 19, 2015 by Tim Mouw

X-Rite manufactures and supports color measurement solutions for global markets where color and appearance matter. We build and service each product in an environment that adheres to the highest standards and strictest tolerances. Our lean manufacturing process, Six Sigma mentality, and ISO 9001 and 17025 certifications provide confidence that every device you receive from X-Rite will work exactly as designed.

Today we’ll take a look at what you need to do to protect your investment, from regular cleaning to annual device calibration.

cleaning xrite ivue lenses

Cleaning the lenses of the iVue with an approved cotton swab.

Maintaining Your Spectrophotometer

X-Rite’s color measurement devices are built to last, as long as you take care of them. Here are some tips for keeping yours in tip-top shape.

1.  Keep your device clean.

Measuring with a dirty device is like driving with a cloudy windshield…not recommended if you want to get accurate and consistent readings. Your spectrophotometer’s user manual includes best practices for cleaning. Follow these carefully, because cleaning your device in the wrong way could void your warranty. A good rule of thumb is to never use anything harsh or abrasive in the cleaning process.

How often you clean your device depends on your environment. If you use it in a factory with airborne contaminants, you should probably clean it daily. If it’s used in an air-conditioned office, you may get by with weekly, or even monthly, cleanings.

Can’t find your X-Rite user manual? No worries. Most can be found by searching for your spectro on www.xrite.com. (While you’re there, check out common help desk questions for your model!)

2.  Keep your samples clean.

If you measure dirty samples, your color data won’t be accurate. Plus, you’ll contaminate your measurement device and transfer that contamination to every other sample you measure. Proper sample handling and storage will help preserve your samples, and keep your device in good working order.

3.  Calibrate your device regularly.

Calibration brings your device back to its original factory settings. To maintain accuracy, you should calibrate each time you start a job, and at least once a day. The longer you go without calibrating, the harder it will be for your device to bring itself back into a calibrated state.

x-rite sample cleaning calibration

With an internal calibration tile, X-Rite eXact offers easy, one-click calibration.

4.  Send your device for factory certification to maintain ISO compliance.

Just like your car, you must follow the scheduled maintenance plan to keep your spectro in good working condition. Factory certification will give you – and your customers – confidence that your instrument is reading and performing the way it should. As an ISO 9001 company, X-Rite recommends factory certification once a year, and many customers require proof of certification when choosing a supplier.

X-Rite is accredited by ISO/IEC 17025:2005 to certify our spectrophotometers. When you send your device to us, an X-Rite certified technician will verify and document your device’s incoming performance, inspect and clean it, test measurement accuracy, and verify its repeatability and consistency. Your device will come back to you with a dated sticker or paper certification of NIST traceability to standard white.

X-Rite Service Offerings

X-Rite ISO 9001 CertificationX-Rite offers service, support and maintenance choices. Our ISO 9001 Certification ensures that we can meet our customers’ quality requirements and applicable regulatory requirements, and ISO 17025 Accreditation validates our competence in calibration.

When you trust your devices to us, you can expect consistent and repeatable production and optimized results. Our Service Centers and Global Certified Partner Sites feature our most advanced testing tools, including temperature and humidity-controlled service areas.  Our streamlined operations ensure that you will get your device back as quickly as possible.

Full Service Plans

X-Rite’s full service plan includes one annual certification, free instrument repair with priority turnaround, and a free loaner device. You’ll also save 10% on all on-site and classroom training delivered by X-Rite Color Services. Like insurance, it offers peace of mind, and it’s cheaper than sending your device for repair should something happen.

X-Rite device full service plans

Software Support Contract

To help you implement your X-Rite software solutions and apply them in your specific workflow, we also offer a software support contract with priority access to training. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Premium Tech Support – If you have service issues or application questions, our Help Desk is available via phone (8am to 6pm EST) and e-mail (4 hour response time). Technicians will provide one-on-one coaching and remote diagnostics to help you solve any issues you encounter. You also have access to our product support information website anytime, day or night.
  • Software Updates – You will receive free software dot release notifications and quarterly software updates.
  • Monthly Product and Color WebEx Training -
Each month, an X-Rite Certified Color Expert will present a course via WebEx that addresses common color, workflow, and system issues.
  • Training Discount –
Receive a 10% discount on classroom or onsite training from X-Rite Certified Color Experts. We provide a variety of programs, including product training, color and workflow training, and accreditation programs, in an array of formats, such as online webinars, classroom workshops, and onsite consulting.

Out-of-warranty repair and certification

Each X-Rite device comes with a one-year warranty and optional extended warranty. If your device is out of warranty and you didn’t select a protection plan, out-of-warranty repair and certification is the program for you. Each job is individually quoted, and we offer a loaner device while yours is with us.

Getting service

To learn more about our color measurement device protection offerings, check out our Global Service Support document.

When it’s time for annual certification, or if you need service for your device, simply fill out an online RMA request and a service representative will be in touch.

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