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Taper Info doesn't show up in Color iControl

If you run Taper from Color iControl and when you are complete the group/sequence information is either displayed as “none” or only some of the samples show the group/sequence information it could be one of the following reasons.
  1. Color iControl and Taper communicate using the name of the sample.  If some of the names of the sample are the same then the Taper information get written or over written to the first sample with the name match.
  2. Color iControl and Taper communicate using the name of the sample.  If the names of the sample are too long the name gets cut off going into Taper and then Color iControl cannot match up the names when importing the Taper information back into Color iControl.  The default name size to output in Color iControl is 20 characters.  However Taper can take up to 39 characters.  To change the name size in Color iControl go to the Multi-Trial view and edit the properties of the Remote Output and change the name size.
  3. Customers can configure their own reports.  However the first two items in the report need to be Group/Sequence then Sample Name and in this order.  If a customer designs a report in Taper that does not have these or is in a different order then the Taper information is not transmitted back to Color iControl.  The report in Taper determines the output files from Taper.

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