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COM Port Mapping with Keyspan USB Serial Adapter

In the event that a customer has purchased a serial device and is attempting to connect it to a PC that does not have a serial port but does have a USB port, a USB to serial adapter should work.  X-Rite  recommends the "Keyspan model USA-19HS" USB to serial adapter.  It ships with a software installation CD that will install drivers, a users manual, a useful Help file, as well as the "Keyspan USB Serial Adapter Assistant".  It is this "Keyspan USB Serial Adapter Assistant" that will allow a user to change port mappings on the PC to select the required "COM1", "COM2", "COM3", or "COM4".   Some X-Riteproducts, such as PREVU* and Cholesterol 1,2,3, must be connected to ports mapped to "COM1", "COM2", "COM3", or "COM4" in order to communicate with the spectrophotometer.  If the customer has installed a USB to serial adapter, properly connected the spectrophotometer, and still receive a communications error when opening the PREVU* and Cholesterol 1,2,3 software; the adapter could very well be selecting a communications port other than the required "COM1", "COM2", "COM3", or "COM4".  If the "Keyspan model USA-19HS" has been installed, follow these directions:

COM Port Settings/Changes -




Cholesterol 1,2,3 COM Port Setup -


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