ColorMunki Design - Display and Printer Profiling Modules not launching on Mac

I have installed the latest version of ColorMunki Design software on my MacOS 10.x and my ColorMunki device is connected and recognized correctly by the software. However, when I click on the options 'Display Profiling' or 'Printer Profiling' in the 'Resources' section of my software, the appropriate functions will not open. Nothing happens. How can I get these options working?This symptom will be reported from time to time, but the reason is unclear (and cannot be reproduced in our QA labs). Howerver, there is an easy workaround:

Navigate to the computer's MacOS HD > Library > Application Support > ColorMunki > Design > Tools and launch the desired sub-applications 'Profile My Display & Projector' or 'Profile My Printer' by double-clicking on the approriate icons.

Some customers reported, that after they have done it once, these sub-applications can now be launched successfully directly out of the main ColorMunki Design application. If this will not work again, simply create an alias of the sub-applications (from the location mentioned above) and add them to your Mac's Dock for quick access.

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