Cabling for the 390/391 to a Computer

Customers may need to know how to connect their 390/391 to a computer

The most common interface cable used with the X-Rite model 390 or 391 densitometer is the SE108-92.  This is a ten-foot cable: DB9s (female) to 10c/RJ45 (male).  If a serial port is not available on the host computer, then there are two options:

  1. Install an additional serial card in the computer.
  2. Use a good quality USB to Serial adapter.  A good choice would be a Keyspan branded adapter such as the X-Rite p/n: SE108-USBSERDB9 that can be purchased online at or call X-Rite Customer Success at: 888-826-3044.


For additional options for cabling to all X-Rite products, click the Additional Information link below.

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