Backing Up Customer Files to USB Flash Drive in ColorDesigner Plus

You can easily use a USB flash drive to backup your Customer Files for Safe Keeping.

User-added imageHow to Back up your Customer Files in ColorDesigner 
  1. Plug your USB Flash Drive into an Available USB port
  2. From the Main Menu Select Settings in the Bottom Left Hand Corner by hovering over the ClipBoard
  3. Enter the Password '1234' or 'getmeout' and press unlock
  4. Click on the Customer Files Tab
  5. Click on the Backup/Restore Tab
  6. Click on the Find next to the Manual Backup Location
  7. Click on the Drive Location Drop down and find your Flash Drive, Usually it is either 'E' or "F' Drive
  8. Press the OK button at the bottom of the page
  9. Click on the Backup button and wait for the Complete Pop-up

To safely remove USB flash drive from your system, please follow notes below:

  1. Exit ColorDesigner Plus by pressing keys "ALT + F4" on the keyboard. Enter the Housekeeping password if needed.
  2. Move the cursor to the right-lower corner.  Look for the green arrow pointing to the South West.
  3.  Left-click on the icon.  A list of removable items will be shown.
  4.  Simply click on the item that you wish to remove.
  5. You will see this message.
  7. At this point USB flash drive can be removed from the PC and stored in the safe place.


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