Ensure Your Color Stays on Track

Whether you manufacture packaging, plastics, coatings, or textiles, the reality is the same: If you don’t achieve consistent color, your product won’t sell. Incorrect color costs you both time and money. 

Three Ways to Control Color Quality 

There are many places for color errors to slip in during production. To ensure your color stays on track from design through formulation, production, and assembly, you need to monitor and assess it at each stage. 

1.  Visually Evaluate.

Visual evaluation means comparing the color of a product against a standard. When you use a light booth, you can simulate different lighting conditions to ensure the color looks right in every type of light it may encounter in the real world in less than one minute. However, since many people are not properly trained to visually evaluate color and everyone sees color differently, visual evaluation can leave room for misinterpretation. 

2.  Measure with an Instrument.

Spectrophotometers capture the color’s “fingerprint,” so you can compare colors using scientific color data. Adding a color measurement device to your quality control workflow dramatically increases acceptable quality, because it removes the subjectivity of visual evaluation. We offer spectrophotometers in a range of sizes and geometries, from rugged portables to incredibly precise benchtops, for any color measurement application.

3.  Connect the Dots with QC Software.

Incorporating QC software ties everything together. It can help you set color acceptability limits – tolerances – and offer guidance on how much color difference – Delta E – is acceptable. Color iQC is our most popular quality control software, because it makes it easy to set realistic tolerances and ensure you achieve accurate color matches in production.

How Do You Control Color Quality?

Investing in new quality control solutions will not only save you time and money, it will help you stay competitive. With a wide range of options, we make it easy to implement a little (or a lot) as your color control needs change. Fill out the form to contact our Color Experts - they're happy to talk with you about your quality control program and offer solutions to help you move toward more consistent color.

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