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How to Measure Carpet Color During Production

Any inconsistency in carpet color will very noticeable after installation. An inline color control solution monitors color quality across the roll during shearing so color issues can be addressed before the roll is shipped.


Many production variables can cause color shifts throughout a run.


An inline color control solution helps carpet manufacturers identify color issues during production so dye corrections can be made before the back is finished. The non-contact ERX130 spectrophotometer moves on a traversing beam at a distance of 300mm (11.8") to allow easy feeding of new carpet and covers a large 90mm (3.5") measurement field for stable readings. As the line moves, it takes continuous color measurements left to middle to right using automatic edge detection and reports color quality through QC software. Color deviations are detected and displayed both in machine direction and cross direction to prove the quality of the produced fabric.


Assuming 100,000 m2 monthly production, an inline system can:

How it Works

  1. The ERX 130 is mounted on a traversing beam over the production line to capture color measurements left to middle to right while the roll is moving.
  2. Measurement data is sent to QC software so operators can verify color quality and consistency within a delivery.
  3. If color is too light, the dye process can be repeated to bring color into tolerance.
  4. If the color is too dark or cannot be corrected through redyeing, the carpet can be sold to another customer or as a manufacturing second. This avoids the costs associated with and a full tear out and maintains manufacturer reputation

Featured Products


ERX130 Inline Spectrophotometer

This durable non-contact spectrophotometer has a 90mm aperture, wavelength interval of 330 nm to 730 nm, and optical resolution of 1 nm. It offers excellent inter-instrument agreement and short- and long-term stability. Even with extreme textures and different brushing directions, it captures homogeneous measurements similar to a d:8° geometry for reliable results.



ESWin Quality Control Software

Quality control software used to control measurement devices and calculate color values in 1 nm steps, enabling the machine operator to verify color is in tolerance. It tracks color data so production batches can be evaluated and divided into categories.


Achieve Color Success

An inline color control solution from X-Rite helps carpet manufacturers monitor color quality across the roll so color issues can be addressed before the roll is shipped.

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