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i1Pro 3 Solutions

Color affects every workflow. When you need to produce consistent, repeatable color, you can rely on award-winning i1Pro 3 solutions to ensure your printers and displays are working at peak color performance. Whether you’re printing on paper, vinyl, fabric, transparent film, specialty photo paper, corrugated, or backlit material using inkjet, toner, dye-sub, or another print method, you’ll be able to achieve true, consistent color.
i1Pro 3 solutions have you covered for virtually any print job with two device options. The best device for you depends on the types of materials you print on:

i1Pro 3 – Smooth paper
i1Pro 3 Plus – Highly-textured paper, fabric, canvas, ceramic and transparent materials

i1Pro 3:

An industry standard for more than two decades, the i1Pro 3 version is equipped with industry-leading technology, delivering more speed, accuracy, and reliability than its predecessor. It offers a full-spectrum LED light source, an innovative design to help facilitate cleaning for accurate measurements, and enhanced single-pass scan capabilities that can account for optical brighteners.


i1Basic Pro 3   i1Publish Pro 3

i1Pro 3 Plus:

Designed for imaging, print, signage, and digital textile processionals, the i1Pro 3 Plus offers consistent calibration and profiling on unique materials primarily printed on wide and grand format printers. Built with the same technology as i1Pro 3, the Plus model has a larger aperture to capture more color data for hard-to-profile materials, including film and backlit. The included polarization filter can reduce color variability on a wide variety of substrates to deliver the highest level of color accuracy and repeatabil[ity.


i1Basic Pro 3 Plus   i1Publish Pro 3 Plus

Add Automation

In production environments, manually measuring color test charts to ensure up-to-date color profiles can be labor-intensive, time-consuming, and leave room for human error. Adding an i1iO automated measurement table to your workflow eliminates manual strip reading and speeds up the measurement process.

i1iO for i1Pro 3   i1iO for i1Pro 3 Plus

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