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Proof-to-Print Process Control

Printing and packaging operations who wish to remain competitive should consider the G7™ qualification. Created by Idealliance, the G7 Master Printer Program allows you to reliably and efficiently match the visual appearance of multiple devices to ensure your process colors are neutral and balanced while also improving gray balance, color stability, and color matching. G7 can be applied to any CMYK printing process, including inkjet, offset sheet-fed, offset web, and flexo.
G7 Qualification from X-Rite is presented by a G7 Certified Expert at your facility. This customized three-day course will help you update your workflow to become G7 compliant and train your staff to achieve and maintain control and consistency in each and every print run. Prior to the training, an X-Rite Color Expert will help you prepare for a G7 workflow by auditing your press conditions, color measurement equipment, and process control procedures. You will be advised of any changes you need to make to prepare for the training to ensure the correct conditions, proper software and instruments are in place.

Objectives for G7 Onsite Qualification Training:

  • Understand process control and the relationship between press density and L*a*b* press targets and gray balance
  • How to properly establish print standards, such as GRACoL, SWOP, or others from ISO 15339, on your presses
  • Learn when and how to run published standards
  • Learn when and how to adjust standards to compensate for non-standard substrates and press conditions
  • How to Calibrate and verify your presses using the G7 method
  • How to calibrate and profile your proofing system to conform to the same print conditions you are using for your press
The G7 methodology has been proven to deliver improved quality and better process control across a variety of printing and packaging operations. Its adoption is widespread in North America and gaining acceptance in other parts of the world. Printing and packaging operations wishing to remain competitive should consider investing in their most valuable asset – their people – by allowing them to take advantage of this important learning opportunity.

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