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Our G7™ Certified Experts will come to your site for training on how to achieve G7 compliance.

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Proof-to-Print Process Control

Staying competitive requires consistency and accuracy across the entire print production workflow. Implementing the G7 proof-to-print process control methodology provides a foundation to do just that. 

The G7 methodology allows you to reliably and efficiently match the visual appearance of multiple devices, ensuring your process colors are neutral and balanced while also improving gray balance, color stability, and color matching. G7 can be applied to any CMYK printing process, including Inkjet, Offset Sheetfed, Offset Web, and Flexo. IDEAlliance has created the G7 Master Printer Program to help operations incorporate this method into their workflow. During this intensive three-day training course,  the G7 Certified Experts from X-Rite Color Services will visit your operation to help you update your workflow to become G7 compliant, and train your staff to achieve and maintain control and consistency in each and every print run.



  • Improve the ability to achieve the same color within each job, from job-to–job, and with different operators and presses.
  • Feel confident that you are complying with industry standards such as GRACoL or SWOP.
  • Achieve make ready savings on an ongoing basis.
  • Learn directly from X-Rite Color Experts who have years of experience in a variety of print processes; X-Rite will provide a trainer that meets your exact needs.
  • Gain an edge in the marketplace by meeting the needs of print buyers who are seeking consistency, and are looking to G7 Master Printers to deliver the quality their customers are seeking.
The G7 methodology has been proven to deliver improved quality and better process control across a variety of printing and packaging operations. Its adoption is widespread in North America and gaining acceptance in other parts of the world. Printing and packaging operations wishing to remain competitive should consider investing in their most valuable asset – their people – by allowing them to take advantage of this important learning opportunity.

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G7™ Qualification from X-Rite is presented by a G7™ Certified Expert. Training typically takes three days, and is fully customizable to your scenario and workflow.
  • You and your team will learn the G7™ method, such as how to:
    • Build upon foundations in densitrometric press measurement of solid ink densities (SID), and tone-value-increase (TVI/dot-gain)
    • Use color measurement to achieve ideal gray balance on press
    • Incorporate this new approach to build press calibration curves
  • Prior to the training, we will help you prepare for a G7™ workflow by:
    • Working with you to audit your press conditions, color measurement equipment and process control procedures.
    • Advising you on changes that will be required to prepare for the training to ensure you have the right conditions and the proper software and instruments in place
  • During the on-site training:
    • An X-Rite G7™ Certified Expert will train your team how to achieve and maintain print standards, such as GRACoL or SWOP, on your presses.
    • We will work with you to calibrate and verify your press(es) using the G7™ method.
    • We’ll teach you how to create calibration curves for up to 3-presses or papers, and set up your workflow with the new curves.
    • We will show you how to calibrate and profile your proofing system to conform to the same print conditions that you are using for your press so that the proof is a valid and achievable target for your pressmen.
  • We will even assist in submitting your application and results to IDEAlliance to request your G7™ Master Printer Qualification.

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