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Handheld Sphere Spectrophotometers (Ci6x Series)

When colors errors occur, as a result of confusion between customer specifications and production output or batch-to-batch color variation, the impact is costly waste and rework. X-Rite’s sphere spectrophotometers reduce rejection rates and scrap and improve speed- to-market and profitability. With numerous configurations and price points, these instruments solve color measurement challenges for a variety of industries including paints and coatings, plastics, textiles, retail paint, and packaging.


For the Most Accurate and Precise Measurement

X-Rite’s most precise handheld sphere spectrophotometer, the Ci64 is available in three models offering simultaneous SPIN/SPEX, correlated gloss, and a UV option.



For Precise QC Measurement

The Ci62 is a high performing handheld spectrophotometer uniquely suited to manage color quality for applications with textured materials or printing on metal substrates.



For Standalone QC Measurement

The Ci60 portable sphere spectrophotometer is an entry-level standalone option to ensure color quality in receiving, throughout the field, and around the manufacturing plant.



For Retail Paint Measurement

The X-Rite Ci61+RTL handheld sphere spectrophotometer offers the ultimate in versatility for busy retail paint operations and is also ideal for paint matching on the job site.



For Large Aperture Retail Paint Measurement

Designed for anti-graffiti use and outdoor surfaces, the Ci62L+RTL handheld sphere spectrophotometer features a large aperture and smart averaging for fast, accurate color matching.

Payment Card Holder

Payment Card Holder

X-Rite’s Payment Card Holder positions credit, gift, ID, loyalty, hotel key and other cards to capture accurate color readings with the Ci60 series and eXact Family of spectrophotometers.


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