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Model #: Ci62-804

Payment Card Holder

X-Rite’s Payment Card Holder positions credit, gift, ID, loyalty, hotel key and other cards to capture accurate color readings with the Ci60 series and eXact Family of spectrophotometers.

Confidently Measure Credit Card Color

Controlling color on credit cards, hotel keys, gift cards, ID cards, and others can be a challenge because they are often designed using eye-catching colors, logos, photos, metallic foils, and artwork. Visual evaluation leaves room for error, and spot measurements can be difficult to repeat due to the small target area. This makes it a challenge for operators to consistently read the same area and even more difficult if a card needs to be measured by multiple operators, either across shifts or at different facilities.

X-Rite’s Payment Card Holder enables press operators to secure a card and align a handheld spectrophotometer at precise points of measurement to evaluate color accuracy. The Payment Card Holder features a ruler with a millimeter scale that enables repeatable measurements at specified locations so all quality labs can capture measurements the same way. When used with the Ci62, Ci64, or eXact Family of spectrophotometers, each measurement results in actionable pass/fail data on the device and can be imported into quality control software such as ColorCert and Color iQC.


  • Achieve repeatable targeting and measurements with consistent sample alignment.
  • Measure a wide array of materials when used with the eXact Family or the Ci60 Series.
  • Capture measurements at specific locations on both the front and back of the card.
  • Ensure adherence to standard operating procedures for consistent measurements, even across multiple production sites.

The Payment Card Holder integrates with other X-Rite solutions, including InkFormulation software, ColorCert,NetProfiler, and Color iQC quality assurance software, to further streamline manufacturing workflows.

To learn more about the payment card holder and how it monitors color and appearance throughout production,
click here to read the application brief.

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