Model #: vswin


Used with the VeriColor 410 non-contact spectrophotometer, VSWin software enables continuous color measurement and display of results.

VSWin Enables Continuous Process Monitoring

During manufacturing, color shifts can easily occur that can result in line stoppages and unnecessary waste. Using a continuous process monitoring solution enables early identification of disturbances so operators can correct them before product is out of tolerance. This results in stable production and faster color changes.

VSWin is a customizable software solution that works in conjunction with the X-Rite VeriColor Spectro inline spectrophotometr to enable continuous color measurement during production, statistical measurement control and presentation of measurement results in an easy-to-interpret graphic displays and/or printed reports of color measurement results.

VSWin is easy to learn and use and offers good correlation with laboratory measurements.


  • Gives operators complete control of the VeriColor Spectro inline spectrophotometer.
  • Is easy to learn and use and available in multiple languages.
  • Displays color measurement data in an easy-to-understand trending format that allows operators and managers to quickly correct current or emerging problems.
  • Facilitates report generation, data management and archival and instrument diagnostics for better operational management.
  • Automatic backup of color measurement data on external storage speeds operation and products critical data in case of a computer failure.

Our specialists can help you design a custom closed-loop control system to meet your specific needs.

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