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Model #: vericolor

VeriColor System

Out of Production

The VeriColor System is an industrial-use non-contact, non-destructive color measurement system that can interface with up to six sensors and provide continuous production reporting.


Excellent Color Matching for Reduced Industrial Waste

The VeriColor System is an automated non-contact, non-destructive in-line quality control system for industrial use that provides non-contact color measurement and continuous reporting. It features a programmable hub that interfaces with up to six sensors. Easy to operate, the system works with virtually any material and in the harshest production environments, offering comparisons to specific standards or absolute measurements.

The VeriColor’s full-spectrum illumination system detects subtle differences on varying surfaces, ensuring accurate color identification. It measures a full range of materials, including textured, finely patterned, gloss and for products such as vinyl, textiles, food pigments, films, glass, and powders. It enables objective evaluation according to accepted international standards, ensuring the integrity of in-line measurement programs.


  •  Measures within a range of up to five feet without significant variation from system to sample for non-contact operation that eliminates risk of damage and waste.
  •  Operates effectively in dusty environments and operations that require explosion-proof protection.
  •  In-line color measurement and evaluation of color deviation enables complete coverage of production runs without stopping production.
  •  Repeatable, accurate measurements are produced under all types of production lighting conditions.
  •  Works with a network connection or serial interface to support a network of computers and provide automatic control of all operations, including calibration.

The VeriColor System guarantees a faster production cycle by improving color control, resulting in less waste of expensive raw materials and dyes. It positions companies to comply with international standards in color evaluation.

Case Studies

Magna Donnelly Case Study

As the world's leading producer of automotive mirrors, Magna Donnelly understands the importance of delivering the highest quality and value to major automakers worldwide.


"Our customers are very sensitive to color, and we can't disappoint them. The number of dye lot issues for our solid colors has dropped dramatically since we've started using the instruments and that's a huge deal." - Jack Holden, Director of Software Development

"We have been investigating color verification systems for over five years, and nothing was as accurate as the VeriColor system. We immediately installed VeriColorTM systems to additional lines. Our operators love it. For them it means no false downtime and higher quality output." - Steve Gidaro, Equipment Engineer

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