Model #: eswin-qc

ESWin QC Software

ESWin QC is a customizable software solution that enables color and statistical measurement control when combined with an X-Rite inline instrument.

ESWin Quality Control (QC) Software for Inline Color Control

ESWin QC is a customizable software solution that enables color measurement control, statistical measurement control and presentation of measurement results in an easy-to-interpret graphic displays and/or printed reports of color measurement results.

 When combined with an X-Rite inline color measurement instrument such as the ERX30, ESWin QC ensures optimum color quality across the entire manufacturing process from the laboratory through quality assurance, including the ability to evaluate optical brightening agent content.


  • Ensures accurate color specification and quality control for improve quality and reduced waste.
  • Simplifies statistical process control for color quality, making it fast and easy for operators to make critical production decisions.
  • Displays color measurement data in an easy-to-understand trending format that allows operators and managers to quickly correct current or emerging problems.
  • Generates reports, manages data, and archives instrument diagnostics for improved operational management.
  • Works as a standalone system or can be connected to your DCS (Data Control System).

Inline solutions are customizable for many production environments. Get in touch and our specialists can help you design a custom system to meet your specific needs.


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