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W Series

The W Series product bundles from X-Rite present 5 different combinations of software and color measurement instruments to meet the needs of retail paint operations of all sizes.


Paint Color Matching Made Easy

In the retail paint industry, fast and accurate customer service are essential. It starts with acquiring color specifications from customer samples using the MetaVue™ non-contact imaging spectrophotometer or another X-Rite color measurement instrument. The data collected is then translated into the proper formulation for the paint type the customer is seeking using ColorDesigner PLUS. Finally, the formulation must be transferred to the dispenser system for mixing of the paint. If samples of the mixed paint need to be measured again, the MetaVue™ is perfect for the job.
Make your paint counter as efficient and profitable as possible by eliminating wasted effort and needless formulation errors. Choose from five efficient packages to make your paint department a color design center and give your staff more time to focus on the sale of complementary accessories.


  • For the ultimate in accuracy and exceptional customer service, choose the top-of-the-line W90 Series with the MetaVue™, the most accurate, versatile, and easy-to-use non-contact imaging spectrophotometer, incorporating a camera for precise digital targeting and measurement and the ability to identify dominant colors in a multi-colored sample. The W90 Series also includes ColorDesigner PLUS, a computer, monitor and label printer. This configuration increases store uptime while reducing service costs and overall cost of ownership.
  • The WS70 Series package offers the Ci4100 compact sphere countertop spectrophotometer along with ColorDesigner PLUS software, a computer, monitor and label printer for a more robust paint color production process.
  • The WS60 Series includes the Ci61+RTL sphere spectrophotometer for paint matching from a wide variety of sample sizes, shapes, textures and opacity, along with ColorDesigner PLUS software, a computer, monitor and label printer.
  • The W50 Series offers a complete solution for high volume retail color matching operations, featuring a robust, durable countertop 45/0 spectrophotometer, along with ColorDesigner PLUS software, a computer, monitor and label printer.
  • The W20 Series package offers an affordable fast start with the easy-to-use handheld RM400 45/0 spectrophotometer, ColorDesigner PLUS software, a computer, monitor and label printer.
Regardless of your paint matching needs or the size of your operation, X-Rite has a retail paint package that will meet your exact needs – the perfect solution for accurate color – on time, every time.
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