Transferring iQC data and settings to a different PCFAQ

Customer's that are migrating to a new PC want to be able to easily transfer their existing legacy data to a new PC. They can follow the steps below to accomplish the transition.
1.       X-Rite support needs the AUI code(s) to reset for new registration.
2.       Right Click and Run As Administrator on the current installation.  Select  open  without e Job.
3.       Go to Settings and Save Registry Settings to .rgs file.  (This save file to C:\Color_iControl\System\ folder)
4.       Copy C:\Color_iControl\ folder and all sub folders to new PC.
5.       Install Color iControl on new PC.
6.       Right Click and Run As Administrator the new install.
7.       Customer to register and license new install.  (Can be done immediate or within the 30 days)
8.       Cancel and setups and get to gray screen.  (Default job file and instrument settings should be setup from the copy)
9.       Go to Settings menu and Restore Registry Settings from .rgs file.

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