TeleFlash Communication Problems

Communication Error/Cannot Access Instrument

         TeleFlash 445
         TeleFlash 130
         TeleFlash 130 Compact

If you are unable to communicate, or access the TeleFlash instrument using
X-RiteColor® Master software version 4 or newer, Please review the following settings;

X-RiteColor® Master Software Settings:
1.  "File", "Open Database", File selected must be a single angle database, CM1, or 45°.

2.  "Options", "Instrument Mode" The TeleFlash listing must have a check mark in front of it.

3.  If the TeleFlash instrument is not listed under the "Options", Instrument Mode, the software driver has not been properly loaded on the computer. Please see the help desk page named X-RiteColor® Master & TeleFlash Driver for assistance.

4.  Serial communication ports, (Options, Instrument Port), This option will be Grayed out. The serial ports will now be controlled by the Setup Colorimeter [TeleFlash] dialog window, which can be found using the "Instrument", "Configure" menu options.

5.  Are all the cables properly connected? The 130 and 445 have a square European power plug. Is it secure and locked into Place?

6.  The TeleFlash 130 Compacts have a ON/OFF Power switch on the side of the instrument. Is it ON?

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