Setting the DIP switches on an X-Rite 393

Calibration - X-Rite sensitometers are calibrated using exposure setting #3 at the factory. The exposed density at Step 11 is adjusted to match factory standard instruments maintained by X-Rite. Process optimization sensitometers also have a table of relative log exposures values characterized by correlation to a master sensitometer. Because calibration requires a master instrument for comparison, sensitometers do not have user accessible calibration adjustments.

X-Rite offers a recertification program to verify sensitometer calibration. Recertification is recommended every 24 months and can be arranged through X-Rite's Instrument Services Department.

Selecting Exposure Color - The film manufacturer will recommend the proper color light to expose the film. Select the same color as emitted from the intensifying screen. When using blue emitting intensifying screen-- use the "BLUE" position. When using green emitting intensifying screen--use "GREEN".

Adjusting Exposure Setting - The sensitometer has the capability of seven different exposure times for both blue and green sensitive film. The factory preset exposure setting is #3. If different exposure times are required, refer to the chart below. Each exposure setting will move the speed index on the film approximately one step. The dip switchs used to change the exposure time are located on the bottom of the unit. When adjusting exposure for BLUE sensitive film use the switches labeled A thru D bracketed by BLUE. Similarly, for GREEN sensitive film, use the switches labeled A thru D bracketed by GREEN.

Exposure Setting    Dip Setting "ON"
#1 (Min)None
#2Switch A
#3 (Normal)Switch B
#4Switch C
#5Switch A, B, & C
#6Switch D
#7 (Max)Switch C & D

Exposing Film -

  • Select exposure color - blue or green.
  • Adjust exposure setting if required.
  • Insert the film emulsion side down with the back edge against the stop, and the film centered in the unit.
  • Press the cover down and hold until the buzzer has sounded. Always press straight down with firm, even
  • pressure on center of cover.
  • Allow the cover to raise and remove the film immediately.
  • Develop the film in the processor to be monitored.
  • Record data on film immediately after development.

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