Screen Resolution and System Requirements

Screen Resolution and System Requirements for eXact Manager Software

System Requirements

Windows XP SP3 (32 bit), RAM 1 GB

Windows Vista SP2 (32 or 64 bit), RAM 2 GB

Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit), RAM 2 GB

Monitor screen resolution of 1024 x 768

4 GB hard disk free


X-Rite eXact™ Manager

Allows you to run and set several instrument configuration options in the instrument, such as:

View and edit all configuration settings

Backup/Restore configuration settings

Review instrument condition and run diagnostics

Update instrument firmware, color libraries, process tools and more

NOTE: It is recommended that you regularly backup the instrument settings with the X-Rite

eXact™ Manager. Refer to the application help file for the procedure.


Allows you to capture measurements from tethered eXact instruments and transfer the data

directly to an application, such as Microsoft® Excel.

NOTE: You should install the software applications before connecting the instrument to your



Installing the Software IMPORTANT:

You must be logged on as an administrator or a member of the Administrators group in order to install the software on a Windows XP, Vista Business, or 7 Professional system.

1. Insert the software CD into the optical drive and browse to the desired application.

Double-click the .exe file.

2. Follow the on screen prompts to install the software.

3. Install remaining applications.









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