Profile Lightness Editing

Question - We have made several profiles for each of our printers successfully. On one of our printer profiles we made a +4 change in L* in the profile editor and we noticed when saving the profile and testing it that the image looked lighter just not 4 points lighter. Is this normal? I am just trying to figure out what could have happened to not get the result I'm looking for. I edited the lightness on the profile and saved the icc profile I checked manual and checked all the options (that is what your tech support told me to do a while back) I saved the profile as a new profile and did not save over the old one. I made sure I shut down the program that I was using the profile with and opened it back up so I know it took the new profile and there is a change between the old and the new. just doesn't seem like a lot. I had to put double the lightness in to get the look i wanted. If you have any clue as to what is going on please let me know. Answer - I am going to assume that you are using the Global Correction tool and adjusting the L* value using the L*C*h° adjustment. This will make an overall lightness adjustment, but I know of no way to make a correlation between an adjustment of 4 in the value of L* and 4 "points" of visual difference. The degree of visual difference will in fact vary from one image to another. Profile edits should be done with great care, and small changes should be made. The purpose of a profile is to make accurate color transforms from one color space to another, not for editing images. For this type of scenario it would not be unusual to make several small edits before achieving the desired effect.

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