Performing a "Hot Backup" on X-RiteColor Master Web Edition

To perform a "Hot backup" (backing up your database(s) while users are still connected), follow the steps below.  Note: This feature is only available for X-RiteColor Master Web Edition version 6.0 or higher and XServer version 6.0 or higher

1.  Open and edit the "backup.bat" file. This file is automatically installed and must reside in the X-RiteColor Master WEB program directory (for Web Edition) or the XServer program directory (for XServer) when executed.
2.Insert commands to run the backup software in between the "Support BeginBackup" and "Support EndBackup" command lines.
3.Make sure your backup software backs up all database files (contained in Data1, Data2, Data3 and Data5 directories - or any other database directories you have created) as well as all admin.*, catalog.* and syscat.* files located in the X-RiteColor Master WEB or XServer program directory. You may also want to include the files in the "Jobx" and "Excelx" directories if you are using those features.
4.The "Support BeginBackup" command will place the database engine in a "Hot backup" mode and bring up a dialog that indicates backup is in progress. In this mode users are still able to fully access the database while the backup is running. The "Support EndBackup" command will take the application out of backup mode and remove the aforementioned dialog.

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