Moving iQC/ iMatch stand alone files to a network locationFAQ

Many customers want to store the files ona remote location. The below describes the best way to accomplish this.
To move the file structure to a network server you would need to copy the folder C:\Color_IControl and paste it to the location of your choosing. Ensure the PC is properly mapped to the desired location.
Open the software without an e- job. Go to file on the menu and select edit default e-job template. When the template opens go to settings and select the system tab. Change the folder locations that are pointing at the root of C including the default database name and "point" using the look up icon, at the new location. Ensure this done for each of the folders.  After you have these adjusted click apply and ok. Now go to the General Tab and at the top right hand side, under Database name section,  click on the Connect Temporary Database and navigate to the new location and select your database and hit apply and OK.  Now go to e-job on the menu and select save settings. Now close the template and open an e-job. The program will not be connected to the new remote structure.

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