Miscellaneous Items

There are a few situations where the instrument may generate an internal error. There are also cases where an instrument will refuse to calibrate.

Taken individually . . .

Internal errors! Reset the instrument. If this does not resolve the issue then the unit will need to be repaired. An RMA is needed to track the instrument through the repair process.

Calibration difficulties . . . Assure that you are using the correct calibration media. Calibration tiles and traps are "married" to the instrument by serial number. It is not acceptable to swap one for another. Assure that the media is meticulously clean and dry. To fail this step is to mis-calibrate the device.

Note the size of the instrument's aperture. Check in the instrument configuration menu to be certain that the proper aperture size has been selected.

Attempt to calibrate again. If there are error messages please make note.

If this does not resolve your issue please click here to go to "My X-Rite" where you can create a new support case. One of our Technical Support Reps will then contact you for further assistance.

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