Instrument not communicating with application.

There are a number of possible issues that could cause communication issues. One of the most common issues involves averaging. Averaging can be set up in the software and it can be set up separately in the instrument. However when an instrument is connected to an application averaging should not be set up in both. The result of averaging set in both will be an apparent lack of communication. This is not true. When averaging is set up in both instrument and software the result is measurements are multiplied. For example an instrument set to average of 3 and software set to average of 3. This means that the instrument will not send the data to the software until it has taken 3 measurements. The software will only receive this as one measurement from the instrument. As the software is set to average of 3 it will still require 2 measurements. Which is two sets of 3 from the instrument. The final result is 3 x 3 = 9 measurements total. Solution change averaging to 1 sample in either the software or the instrument.

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