i1Profiler Test Chart Generation - only first page of multiple-page chart can be measured

When generating a multiple-piece chart, generated on one print page (typically occuring for i1Pro or iO device family, e.g. when creating charts for A3 or larger print sheet formats), the step 'Measurement' does only show the first piece of the chart and also only allows to measure the first piece. 

 This is a known issue in i1P v 1.6.3 wich is planned to be fixed in a next update. 

There is an easy workaround for this issue: When loading the chart, which is separated in multiple pieces but 'printed' on one page, go to step 'Testchart' and simply increase the right/left or top/bottom border or the paper width/height (depending on the arrangement of the multiple chart pieces) to a value, that every piece of the chart is moved to a separate print page. The order of the color patches will not be changed, however, the 'Measurement' step will now show the two pieces/pages of the chart again. The chart does not need to be re-printed, but the already printed chart can be measured successfully now.


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