HP Thinkjet and the 390

Application :HP Thinkjet
Vendor :Hewlett-Packard
Platform :Serial Printer
Version :NA
Cabling :MA58-75 (interface kit)
Notes :The Thinkjet MUST be configured for Epson emulation. Select the Epson Preset from the I/O configuration menu. Ensure that both the mode DIP switches and the serial DIP switches are properly set on the printer. Switches are located on the back of the printer.


Epson Presets
Baud = 9600
Pin5 =CTS
Format =NEW
rci =off
Dec.Pt. =ON
comp =off
Xmit =Manual
Width =Full
Mode DIP Switches - HP Thinkjet
Number Description
1 OFFDon't care
2 OFFNo preference
3 OFF 
4 OFFPage length = 11"
5 ONEpson/IBM mode
6 ONUSA character set
7 OFF 
8 OFF 
Serial DIP Switches - HP Thinkjet
Number Description
1 ONHandshake = DTR
2 OFF8 Bit word no parity
3 OFF 
4 OFF9600 baud
5 OFF 


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