How to Remove Your Ambient Light Head on i1Display2

It is very common for the white plastic ambient light head to be very tightly connected before it has been removed for the first time. The answer is in the way that you hold the device when you go to remove it. It is a characteristic of the plastics used forming a bit of an attraction for each other, rather than the "suction cups" holding the light head in place. Once this bond has been broken for the first time, it will be much easier to remove it in the future. Please try this procedure. Hold the i1D2 in your right hand, USB cable facing down, ambient light cover facing towards you. Put your left palm against the light cover and put your forefinger underneath the top of the cover, where you will see a black arrow on the reverse side of the cover. Now, gently pull your forefinger towards you and the light cover should release without too much effort.

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