How to average i1Profiler measurements

How to average multiple measurement files in i1Profiler software.

When you use the Advanced mode of printer profiling in i1Profiler software, you have the ability to save those measurement files as a preliminary step in the profile creation process. We highly recommend you get in the habit of saving your target measurements as an "Asset" in i1Profiler software before you move to building an ICC printer profile.

Saving the measurements has several benefits. It allows you to have a file that you can reload into i1Profiler software if you wish to create multiple profiles with slightly different profile settings for evaluation.

It also allows you to make multiple measurements, saving each measurement file as a separate asset in i1Profiler, and then drag and drop all those multiple measurements (of the same target) onto the Measurement icon in the i1Profiler workflow. Then i1Profiler will average those measurements and you can save those averaged measurements as a new asset and use the averaged file to create your printer profile. This can be especially helpful if you are printing your targets on a paper surface that has significant texture. Doing multiple measurements and letting our software average those measurements can smooth out color gamut results.

Another very significant advantage to saving the Measurement files is that it creates and saves a file that you can reload should you experience any error in profile creation. If you haven't saved the measurement file, then you would need to re-read the target pages, and if you are using an i1PRO2 in handheld mode to measure a large number of patches, that could be a lengthy process. Saving the measurement file will allow you to simply reload and retry to create the profile. If that second attempt still gives you an error mesasge and a profile isn't saved, you can then send the measurement file to our support team by e-mail, and we can load that file and see what is the cause of the profile not being created.

This averaging of multiple measurements requires that you are using multiple measurements of the same target file, from the same printer/paper combination. Averaging measurement files from different printer/paper combinations will not give you an accurate result.

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