Connecting Vericolor Hub to Ethernet

Ethernet connections to VeriColor Hub systems are not plug and play. There is a specific methodology required to accomplish this.

Note: The Ethernet cable used to connect should be a cross over Ethernet cable instead of a straight through cable. The screens below are from Windows XP. In Windows 7 the screens will vary although the concept is the same.
1) Set IP settings in VC software:

User-added image

2) Configure PC network card to match

User-added image
3) Right Click and go to properties for Local Area Network 
4) Highlight TCP/IP (v4 if using windows 7) and click properties:

User-added image
5) Set properties to match VC settings, but actual IP addresses should differ slightly (they can’t share an IP address):

User-added image
6) Click OK on network properties and close network windows/dialog boxes
7) Disconnect from serial port in VC software
8) Enter instrument’s IP address (not PCs IP address):

User-added image
9) Connect!




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