Configuring Exposure Options - X-Rite 383

Calibration: X-Rite sensitometers are calibrated at the factory using exposure setting #3. The exposed density of Step #11 is adjusted to match a factory standard instrument maintained by X-Rite. As calibration requires a master instrument for comparison, sensitometers do not have user accessible calibration adjustments. X-Rite offers a recertification program to verify sensitometer calibration. Recertification (factory recalibration) is recommended every 12 months and can be arranged through X-Rite's Instrument Services Department. Selecting Exposure Color: The film manufacturer will recommend the proper color light to expose the film. Select the same color as is emitted from the intensifying screen. When using a Blue emitting intensifying screen-- use the "BLUE" position. When using a Green emitting intensifying screen--use "GREEN". Adjusting Exposure Setting: The 383 sensitometer has seven possible exposure settings for both Blue and Green films. The factory preset exposure setting is #3. If different exposure times are required, refer to the chart below. Each exposure setting will move the speed index on the film approximately one step (log 0.15D). The DIP SWITCH used to change the exposure is located on the bottom of the unit. There are eight individual switches in the DIP SWITCH. The first four of these (left-hand) are used to adjust BLUE exposures. The remaining four (right-hand) adjust GREEN.

        Exposure Setting Switches set to "ON"

        #1 (Min)                None
        #2                      Switch 1
        #3 (Normal)             Switch 2
        #4                      Switch 3
        #5                      Switch 1,2, & 3
        #6                      Switch 4
        #7 (Max)                Switch 3 & 4

Exposing Film:
  1. Select exposure color - Blue or Green.
  2. Adjust exposure setting (via DIP SWITCH) if required.
  3. Insert the film emulsion side down with the back edge against the stop, and the film centered in the unit.
  4. Press the expose button and hold until the buzzer has sounded. Always press straight down using firm, even pressure.
  5. Release the expose button and remove the film.
  6. Immediately develop the film in the processor to be monitored.
  7. Record sensitometric data and date on the film after development.
Important Notes:
  1. Film must be inserted all the way to the back of the 383 in order to be properly exposed.
  2. The sensitometer is factory calibrated to expose screen-type films as used in general radiography to an approximate density of 1.0D plus base plus fog at Step #11.
  3. If a scanning densitometer is used to measure the processed film then the following criteria must also be considered:
    • The processed film must have a gamma (slope) of 0.70 or greater on Steps 7 through 15. There must be a visible density difference between each step.
    • The processed film must have at least 1.1" of clear leader at BOTH ends of the exposure. The use of 8" x 10" or 18cm x 24cm film is suggested.

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