Changing Apertures on the SpectroscanT

Your SpectroscanT includes 6 different measurement apertures as well as a cover to prevent your apertures from getting dusty when the transmissive function is not in use. To change your aperture, reach under the front of the table and gently press upward on the transmissive lamp. This will release the aperture from the table. Gently extract it from the opening and insert the new aperture. Press with both thumbs until the aperture is snugly in position.

After you have replaced the aperture, press and hold the Zero key until the Spectrolino moves from the waiting position. The instrument will re-position and move back to the waiting position after about 20 seconds.

Do not touch the surface of the aperture to prevent it from becoming dirty or damaged. If you need to clean your apertures, use a clean soft cloth dampened with alcohol.

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