Calibrating a 400 Series Color Reflection Densitometer

All instruments old and new require periodic calibration to ensure accurate data. If you are new to calibration, it will help to use the AC adapter while following this series of instructions. The microprocessor will "sleep" if too much time passes between keystrokes.
  1. Locate the calibration reference card and its protective envelope (Part Number 418-62 or 418/LP-62 {if polarized}). Both are marked with numbers for several different status filter sets; 'T', 'G', 'E', & 'I'. Only one set of these numbers will be used.
  2. There are four numbers listed for the white target and one each for the yellow, magenta, cyan, and black. While calibrating we will ensure that these numbers are properly stored in the densitometer's memory.
  3. Unlock the shoe and adjust the viewing contrast. Notice the word "CAL" is written between the first two keys. To begin the calibration sequence press both of these keys at the same time.
  4. The densitometer will briefly display its software version code. It will then display the prompt "N CALx Y" (where x is the one of the status letters 'T', 'G', 'E', or 'I'.)
  5. Press the key beneath the letter "Y". The densitometer will prompt "N QCAL Y". "QCAL" is a shortened calibration routine. We will do the long version here to ensure that the densitometer is operating correctly.
  6. Press the key beneath the letter "N". The densitometer will continue by prompting 'SET LO'. It will then display the value currently stored for the paper (white) target's visual channel.
  7. Compare the displayed value to that printed on the calibration reference's envelope. If the number matches, press the center (color) key to proceed. If the numbers do not match then you must edit the stored numbers (see Related Support).
  8. Repeat with each of the cyan, magenta, and yellow "LO" values. Press the center key to advance after verifying the stored numbers.
  9. After the yellow "LO" has been verified, the densitometer will advance by prompting "SET HI". As with the first numbers, it will again begin with the visual channel.
  10. Verify and, if necessary, edit the "HI" values. Advance by pressing the center (color) key. The densitometer will then prompt "READ WHT".
  11. Place the calibration reference card on a firm, flat surface. Locate the densitometer on the card. The crosshairs of the instrument shoe should cover the crosshairs printed on the card.
  12. Press the densitometer down firmly and wait until a number is displayed. When the instrument is raised, it will prompt "READ BLK".
  13. Locate the instrument over the black target (NOT THE GRAY). Again press down firmly and wait until a number is displayed.
  14. Continue by reading the cyan, magenta, and yellow targets. After the last target has been measured, the densitometer will return to normal operation. 418's and 428's return to the EFS mode. Others return to the DEN mode.


Calibration Complete

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