Aperture check for 900 Series Spectral Instruments

In order for the instrument to function properly the aperture setting in the instrument (RAM configuration setting) has to match the currently installed components. If this setting or one of the components is incorrect this can cause various error messages. It is possible that the instrument will (A) display a cell error message, (B) fail to perform a zero reflectance calibration or even (C) read differently than it should.

The following components are installed in matched sets: [1] the aperture itself, [2] the snap-in target window, and [3] the nose piece, which covers the optics. A 968 (& most other 900 series spectrophotometers) supports three different aperture sizes, 4mm, 8mm, and 20mm. The 4mm aperture is simply screwed over the 8mm aperture. The 20mm aperture has its own larger target window and nose piece.


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