The X-Rite eXact: Get to Great Color in One Click

X-Rite eXact: Why Upgrade

Does color matter in your business? If you work in a color-critical environment, you should consider upgrading your color measurement instruments to the next generation of color measurement and management: X-Rite eXact. Here’s why:

Tighter Tolerances

Today’s brand owners are looking for consistent color in an often complex global supply chain. Color communicates brand identity and helps drive buying decisions at the shelf or in the showroom. Consumers will walk away from a package whose color looks faded or off. X-Rite eXact features the latest in color measurement technology and will help ensure Color As You Imagined It from design and specification through production and quality control.

Standards Compliance

X-Rite eXact is the only instrument on the market that supports the M1 part 1 color measurement standard. This means true D50 illumination across the entire spectrum, which allows accurate measurement of “neon materials” (or optically brightened materials) that fluoresce in the 440nm - 650nm range. It also supports all industry standards, including all the ISO measurement conditions, G7, PSO and Japan Color.

Fast and Easy to Use

X-Rite eXact features simultaneous measurements of M0, M2 and M3 conditions in less than one second. No other color measurement instrument can live up to this standard. Plus, it is easy to use with a color touch screen and the ability to customize menus to meet end users’ needs; individual users can store presets needed to quickly approve jobs press side. Individual user menus ensure fast operator access to frequently used functions and more consistent overall color measurement performance.

Award-Winning Scan Option

eXact Scan is the recipient of the prestigious InterTech award. An integrated, patented trackless measurement (Zebra) wheel eliminates the need for rulers and backing to guide the measurement process and enables consistent and repeatable measurement regardless of the speed – fast or slow – with which patches are read. While the Zebra wheel itself is not new, its integration into the instrument is, allowing all of the advantages of the Zebra but with complete, untethered freedom. eXact Scan’s single axle ensures that the instrument moves in a straight line for fast, accurate measurement of color bars ranging in size from 2” to 44”. It can even measure patches that are embedded in media without the need for a clear spot before or after the bar, using a variety of aperture sizes.

Part of an End-to-End Integrated Color Management Ecosystem

X-Rite eXact easily integrates with color communication tools and standards such as PantoneLIVE, PANTONE libraries, InkFormulation Software, NetProfiler and the ColorCert suite for process control. It is also compatible with several third-party closed-loop solutions for automated ink key adjustment at the press, improving automation and extending the life of older press investments.

Accurate Color Measurement of Film

The eXact Xp model includes special enhancements that help users accurately and consistently measure color on a variety of film substrates. It functions in the M0 or M2 modes but does not support M3 (Polarization Filter). If M3 is being used, X-Rite recommends use of the standard eXact or eXact Scan. eXact Xp is also available in an eXact Scan configuration.

Why Wait?

Upgrade today and save with our limited time trade-in offer and take advantage of the industry’s most advanced color measurement instrument.


Instruments eligible for trade in credit:

 Ihara R710, Ihara R720, ihara R730 
 KonicaMinolta FD-5, FD-7
 Techkon SpectroDens Basic
 Techkon SpectroDens Advanced  
 Techkon SpectroDens Premium
 Techkon SpectroJet
 Gretag/GretagMacbeth D19C & D196
 X-Rite/GretagMacbeth DensiEye 100, 700, 750
 X-Rite/GretagMacbeth SpectroEye, SpectroEye LT
 X-Rite 504, 508, 518
 X-Rite 520, 528, 530
 X-Rite 939, 938, 948, 968
 X-Rite SP60, SP62, SP64
 X-Rite XTH

Fine Print:

  • Save $700 / 850 CAD when you purchase an eXact Standard + Scan Option or an eXact Advanced + Scan Option and trade-in your old measurement device
  • Save $550 / 650 CAD when you purchase an eXact Standard or an eXact Advanced and trade-in your old measurement device
  • To qualify for trade-in discount, device must be listed in the trade-in product list.
  • Old measurement device must returned to X-Rite or to X-Rite Dealers.
  • Only one trade-in per qualifying product purchased can be accepted.
  • Failure to comply with the terms of this offer will void your request.
  • This offer cannot be combined with any other special.
  • Offer valid in North America only.

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