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What is a Colorimeter?

Colorimeters are tristimulus (three-filtered) devices that make use of red, green, and blue filters to emulate the response of the human eye to light and color. In quality control applications, these tools offer an excellent price/value relationship. Colorimeters provide users the ability to emulate how a physical product will appear.

X‑Rite Offers Reliable, Multipurpose Color Calibration Devices

i1Display Pro

i1Display Pro ColorimeterThe i1Display Pro ensures a perfectly calibrated and profiled display while delivering the speed, options and flexibility needed to maintain color accuracy . Features include an intuitive all-in-one design, blazing fast speed, and the flexibility to manage color across a range of devices, from monitors to projectors.


ColorMunki Display

ColorMunki Display Colorimeter X‑Rite’s ColorMunki Display gets you to a calibrated display or projector in minutes. With a wizard-driven interface, calibrating and profiling your display or projector is quick and easy.


ColorMunki Smile

ColorMunki Smile Colorimeter For amazingly simple monitor calibration, look no further than ColorMunki Smile. Whether you’re a photo hobbyist, gamer or design enthusiast, ColorMunki Smile easily takes you from good color to great color.


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