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Other Industries

Implementing a color control solution accelerates time to market and reduces costly waste and rework. From color specification and device calibration to formulation, color measurement and quality control, we can help you build a customized solution that meets your unique needs.

Here are a few more of the industries we serve:

CosmeticsCosmetics: Color is a critical factor when selecting cosmetics and skin tone products. X-Rite solutions like CAPSURE™ Cosmetic and CapsureME can help cosmetic manufacturers and retailers meet customer demands for new and exciting products.


Medical DentalRadiology and NDT: Traceable quality control is essential in the medical, dental, and non-destructive testing fields. Our X-Ray marking tape and transmission densitometers help radiology applications ensure accurate results for public health and safety.


FoodFood: Color is one of the main indicators of food quality, and a main decision point for consumers. From non-contact spectrophotometers to Munsell USDA Color Standards, we offer tools to help food manufacturers and distributors evaluate color throughout processing and shipment.

Don’t see your industry listed? Contact us to learn how we can support your unique needs.


Ensuring consistent color through your workflow can be a challenge. Learn how to measure, manage, communicate, and report on color with A Guide to Understanding Color.

In this short webinar, we discuss where color can go wrong, the impact to your bottom line, and easy methods to get color that’s on spec to reduce the rejections.

Gain inspiration for the future with our Fundamental Guide to Color Process Control. Discover trends, find your place on the color knowledge continuum, and get ideas on how to build new business prospects.

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