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Fundamentals of Instrumentation and Quality Control (FIQC) – Online


FIQC Online allows you to put your color theory knowledge into practice. Enjoy our interactive, color quality control workshop through an online platform.

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Applying Color Theory

Make working with color fun and easy! This 5-hour interactive course uses a blend of videos and software simulations to teach the best quality control practices to streamline your color workflow. During the course, you will also be able to sign up for a 1-hour live virtual session with an instructor to ask any questions that come up.

Before taking this course, you should have a solid understanding of color theory, especially the concepts of L*a*b* and L*C*h°.  If you do not feel properly prepared, consider taking our Fundamentals of Color and Appearance course. FOCA addresses color control for a variety of industries including retail and apparel brands, business, and consumer electronics, automotive, packaging and their related industries in plastics, coatings, and textile manufacturing.

FIQC Online Modules Include:

Module 1: Instrumentation Geometries

  • Understanding the types of instrument geometries
  • Reviewing characteristics and use cases for various types of spectrophotometers

Module 2: Connecting & Configuring a Device with QC Software

  • Connecting a device to Color iQC software
  • Importance of calibration
  • Configuring calibration modes

Module 3: Calibration

  • eXact calibration
  • MetaVue VS3200 calibration
  • Ci64 calibration
  • Ci7800 reflectance calibration
  • Ci7800 transmission calibration

Module 4: Taking Measurements

  • Taking reflectance measurements
  • Taking transmission measurements
  • Measuring samples against standards

Module 5: Illuminants & Observers

  • Understanding illuminants and observers
  • Properly setting illuminants and observers on a device

Module 6: Color Spaces

  • L*a*b* color evaluation
  • L*C*h° color evaluation

Module 7: Tolerancing

  • How to define tolerances
  • Different ways to view tolerances

Module 8: Visual Evaluation vs. Measured Evaluation

  • Visual vs. measured evaluation
  • Color vs. appearance

Module 9: Apertures & Sample Presentation

  • Apertures vs. measurement area
  • Sample presentation to device

Module 10: Metamerism & Measurement Process

  • Identifying color differences using QC software

Module 11: Wrap Up


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Q: How long are licenses good for?

A: A license does not expire, so you can continually review the course content as a reference for an unlimited time as long as the course remains active.

Q: What is included as part of the course?

A: Your purchase includes access to all course learning modules, software simulations, and a certification of completion upon scoring at least 80% on the final exam. You are also entitled to attend one 60-minute live session with a color expert.

Q: How long does it take to complete the course?

A: There are eleven course modules which you can take at your own pace. To complete all modules will take about five hours.

Q: How do I purchase a license?

A: Licenses can be purchased via credit card through our online store (currently only available in North America) or via PO by reaching out to us directly at eLearning@xrite.com.

Q: How are licenses distributed?

A: If you purchase through our website, you will be automatically enrolled in the course and receive an email containing your access instructions. If you purchase via PO, you will receive an email separately with login keys and instructions.

Q: Is my license transferable to someone else?

A: No, the license is tied to your account when it is purchased and cannot be transferred to a new person.

Q: How can my company track if one of our employees has completed the course?

A: When the course is completed, the attendee will receive a certificate of completion.

Q: How many licenses can be purchased at one time?

A: If you purchase on the North America online store, you can only buy one license at a time. If you need more than one license, you can check out multiple times through the online store. If you would like to purchase all of them at one time, you can send us a PO instead.

Q: Is there a volume discount for purchasing multiple licenses?

A: We are happy to work with you on bulk purchases. If you are looking for five or more seats, please reach out to us directly.

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