Player Requirements

Troubleshooting! Seeing a blank white window when playing videos? Try this:
  1. Adobe Flash Player is required to view the videos. This is a free download that can be obtained here:
  2. Your IT department may be blocking our streaming video server. The following address will need to be allowed through your firewall:

eLearning Player Requirements

The Player is designed to deliver the highest quality experience for live and on demand video.

The player will provide you the highest stream possible based on your available bandwidth, CPU, Flash version, and device. If you are seeing less than ideal quality, please check your environment against these minimum requirements.

Note: These configurations undergo regular testing with each release. Other environments (e.g., Linux or Chrome beta channels) might work, but are not actively tested. Our streaming server also caches video on to your machine locally to help with performance, if you experience studdering or hangups we recommend pausing your video and waiting 5-10 minutes before continuing.



Internet Explorer 9 or later does not support true fullscreen mode in JavaScript.

Mac OS X

Additionally, some courses also support playback on mobile devices. For these courses, here are the requirements.

Apple iOS



Android device testing is limited to popular Android devices from Samsung, Google, and HTC.

Kindle Fire


Windows Surface

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