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Are you sick of getting rejections due to color being off spec?

Us too. As one of the most common problems we hear from our customers, we're familiar with the problem of off-spec color. Where the color goes wrong can have a significant impact on labor, materials, productivity, margin and credibility to customer. During this quick 30-minute webinar, we'll discuss the "error stack" that occurs when color goes wrong early on, the impact it has on your bottom line, and easy ways to help get color on spec earlier in the process. 

What You Will Learn:

  • How off-track color can impact the entire workflow down the supply chain.
  • The costly impacts off-spec color can have on your bottom line.
  • What two things to look out for when evaluating and measuring color to get color on spec earlier in the process.

Sign up if you want actionable information to get color that’s on spec. We'll be having a Q&A session after the webinar, so bring your questions! 

Products Referenced in this Webinar

Meet tight color tolerances; Ci7800 Benchtop Spectrophotometer


For the Most Precise Measurement

Ci64 spectrophotometer measuring fabric


For the Most Accurate and Precise Measurement

Color iQC for Quality Control and Quality Assurance

Color iQC

For Quality Control and Quality Assurance

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