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ColorChecker Targets Family

For more than 40 years, ColorChecker Targets have delivered accurate and repeatable color results in photography and filmmaking with targets right for every shoot. Photographers and filmmakers shoot for ideal with professional targets designed for setting perfect exposures, matching multiple cameras, accurate white balance and eliminating color shifts, even in blended lighting. Use ColorChecker targets to create custom camera and scanner profiles for even more accuracy. Invest a few moments in setup to save hours in the editing process. 
ColorChecker Targets

ColorChecker Classic

For more than 40 years, the ColorChecker Classic target has been the unrivaled standard for true, consistent color reproduction for image capture processes such as photo, film, and other industries.

ColorChecker 18 Gray Balance

ColorChecker® 18% Gray Balance

The ColorChecker® Gray Balance target helps in obtaining instant gray balance, evaluating studio lighting and making fast color adjustments for both photo and video shoots.

ColorChecker Digital SG

ColorChecker® Digital SG

Nothing optimizes the power of your digital camera or scanner like ColorChecker® Digital SG (semi-gloss). It’s the original ColorChecker target, but enhanced for digital photography.


ColorChecker® Grayscale

The 3-step ColorChecker® Grayscale target lets you balance your images or video footage to align the exposure and contrast of cameras and simplify balancing of studio lighting.


ColorChecker Passport Photo 2

With four targets and software, ColorChecker Passport Photo 2 includes all you need for exposure control, white balance, camera profiling, and creative enhancements, from capture to edit.

ColorChecker Passport Video

ColorChecker Passport Video

ColorChecker Passport Video is a convenient pocket-sized tool to quickly get you to a worry-free, color balanced and consistently neutral place with ideal camera exposure.


ColorChecker White Balance

ColorChecker® White Balance target delivers consistent, accurate color balance for both photo and video, even under changing lighting conditions.

ColorChecker Video

ColorChecker Video

ColorChecker Video is a two-sided target for a color-balanced video workflow, saving valuable time from capture to edit especially with multiple cameras and varying lighting conditions.

CCVideo XL

ColorChecker Video XL

Larger than the ColorChecker Video, the ColorChecker Video XL is all-in-one durable and rigid target to makes your video workflow faster, more consistent, more balanced, and repeatable.

XL with Case

ColorChecker Video XL with Case

The same durable and rigid ColorChecker Video XL target with a protective carrying case and shoulder strap.

XL with Sleeve

ColorChecker Video XL with Sleeve

The same durable and rigid ColorChecker Video XL target with a protective sleeve.


ColorChecker Video MEGA

Considerably larger than the ColorChecker Video XL, the ColorChecker Video MEGA is an all-in-one durable and rigid target to speed up color correction process and save hours in post. 

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