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ColorChecker Classic

Including a ColorChecker Classic target in your photo shoot makes your workflow faster, more consistent and balanced, and repeatable. Simply incorporate ColorChecker Classic in the photo capture in the same lighting as your images then again later to compare, measure and analyze differences in color reproduction in any color rendition system. It includes a patented array of 24 natural colors derived from skin tones, sky and flowers, as well as Color Gamut colors that test the range of saturation, primary colors RGBCMY for the print production process, and a gray scale.

Benefits of the ColorChecker Classic:

ColorChecker Classic is available in five sizes, from the smallest Nano to the largest MEGA, so you will have the right size target for every environment. The ColorChecker Classic is ideal for professional and hobbyist, digital and film photographers who want to save time and money and avoid costly mistakes and frustrating color corrections.


ColorChecker Classic Mega

The largest ColorChecker Classic to control and balance color from a very long distance with enough resolution to make accurate corrections.

ColorChecker Classic Mini

At 1/8 the size of the ColorChecker Classic Standard, the Mini version takes up as little room as possible in the image area.

ColorChecker Classic Nano

For those extremely small or close up projects, the 24mm x 40mm Nano version of the ColorChecker Classic is a precision color reference.

ColorChecker® Classic

The standard size of the ColorChecker Classic has been an essential tool for image makers for more than 40 years

ColorChecker Classic XL

A larger 23 x 19.5 in (58 x 50 cm) reference target for color balance and control from capture to edit for longer and wider shots.

ColorChecker Classic XL with Case

The durable and rigid ColorChecker XL Classic target with a protective carrying case and shoulder strap.

ColorChecker Classic XL with Sleeve

The durable and rigid ColorChecker XL Classic target with a protective sleeve.


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